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Nuking Bad Review Club Reviewers

Nuke Bad Amazon Reviewers
Hey Guys & Gals,
It's been right at 2 months since we first launched the Amazon Review Club. As I'm sure any of you who have used it can attest, it's the bees knees (I swear I didn't pay him). I'm using it for my own brands, and the power and ease of use of this is Amazing. Let's all thank the talented @An_Ly and @Erik for kicking some serious arse building it.

Now... everything is all gravy, but I've received two messages from users this week who are saying that a reviewer is reselling their products. One on Amazon, and one on Ebay.
This is a problem that has plagued all review groups for a long time now. Personally I just consider it part of the game. In the long-run, the extra couple of units that these punks resell isn't going to hurt anything. But it's the principle here. We don't want this kind of stuff.

So... if you notice something like this going on and can figure out who it is please let us know. We want to remove anyone doing this.

Lastly, I want in emphasize not to worry about this. We've had thousands upon thousands of reviews via the Review Club already, and there are just a small handful of problem causers. We just want to make it as good as we can :)



  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited June 2015
    Hey Guys I've added a bunch of resellers from Ebay and one on Amazon.

    Is it worth it to keep adding the Ebay sellers? I have plenty more to add.
    I get more everyday - can you do anything with just an ebay name?
    Obviously their account names will be different - just curious if you are actually investigating the resellers at all , or am I wasting my time to keep adding more? I Haven't received any updates at all.

    I've had awesome results from the Review Club early on, am a massive fan and have been very vocal about that, but this aspect seems to be a huge issue lately. The % of my products that are ending up on ebay alone is massive.. its not a small problem.
    Pm me if you prefer..
  • What about customers that don't leave a review at all?
  • leo77leo77
    edited June 2015
    Not entirely off topic, but it's sometimes kind of difficult to match up the Amazon profile with what Amazon gives us when a customer places an order (i.e. the customer's full legal name, address and order number). Amazon doesn't give us the promo code that the customer used, just that they did use a promo code. A lot of times, there will be a nickname on the profile page. So, that's kind of an issue we've been dealing with.
  • How is this review group different from say Tomoson. I see that you can track who is getting your products and leaving a review on Tomoson. How do you do that with AMZ tracker without manually trying to go through all of your purchases and trying to match names?
  • Re: Ebay there is a way to get their name (likely) order from them... The order will have their name and address... the question is this though, I give away 50 units of a product... ONE of those units goes to a reviewer that re-sells e.g. on Ebay... is this really big enough of an issue to waste your time to find out who this is? Screw them... for the amount of work it takes to manually create a listing and post it on Ebay and then ship this thing manually... let them make their $5 ONCE... it will not damage your reputation - they only had one unit to sell... If there was a way to auto-detect them and ban them, sure... but 80/20 says move on and forget about it... IMO
  • Hey, just need a quick clarification on the nuke rules. We get pretty much 99% good feedback, but obviously no one is perfect. Got someone who left two bad reviews (3 and 2 star reviews), without trying to contact us first. Further, they state in their reviews that they are going to return the items anyway. How should I proceed here?
  • How do I figure out who this reseller is? They are clearly a popular reviewer, based on the number of items they have in their storefront.
  • great. I will do that.
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