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Poor review or no review?

So recently I received a product that gave me some pretty painful chemical burns and so obviously I stopped using it. I don't want to make a big deal about it or anything, because I know I have very sensitive skin so it may just be an issue with me in particular. I wasn't sure though, whether it would be better to report and remove the request despite the fact that I used the code, or would it be better to leave review saying my experience was poor? I know sellers are super reluctant to work with anyone who has ever given a poor review, so I feel like doing that is shooting myself in the foot. Is it okay to just remove the item from my requests or do I absolutely have to leave a review even if it will be a 1 star review?

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  • Try and contact the seller. You can explain what has happened and tell them your experience with the product. Ask them if they would rather you not leave a review, since you are having a unique experience because of an allergy/sensitive skin, they may not want the review. Or you can give the product to a friend, ask them how they like it, and write your review based on that. For example, "I gave this product as a gift to my sister, this is what she thought....."
  • Thanks, I have contacted the seller and am just waiting on a response. I did get the email reminding me to leave a review, and now I'm attempting to report the problem on my review requests but the website isn't working for me right now for some reason. I think I'm having technology issues today. :/
  • JudyJudy
    edited September 2015
    For what it is worth as a seller...My opinion is that if you are going to leave a three star review or lower, just don't leave anything at all. Nada. Just walk away with your cheap/free product.

    All a < 3 star review does is hurt the seller. That's it. If I see more than a couple threes or ANY 1s or 2s in their Amazon profile, I AUTOMATICALLY delete their product request. You end up blackballing yourself in the minds of the sellers.

    I actually believe this site should automatically delete these reviewers as well, because it is SO expensive and time consuming to do these promotions, in addition to costing us money for this service for the privilege of giving away free/cheap products. Reviewers like that make this entire process counterproductive.

    That may not be what you want to hear, but it is prob how most other sellers think as well. And you should contact the seller if you have any issues.

    The bottom line is that bad reviews not only hurt the seller, but they hurt you as a reviewer. One bad review could make most sellers not even bother taking the risk to send you a voucher. It's not worth it to us, and there are more reviewers coming in every day.
  • I can completely understand that, and even though the seller never responded, I ended up just "report"ing the item, and removing it from my list. I will leave them a good seller review, not leave a product review, and just move on. I try to not leave anything but good reviews, and I'm always in contact with the seller if there is any issue that I feel should be resolved so that my good review is also honest.

    It bothers me, too, when I see the one star and two stars that say things like, "too small" or "this product didn't do xyz" (usually something the product never claimed to do). I feel like if amz started removing people who wrote bad reviews that it would begin to fall into the grey area of violating amazon's terms about not soliciting good reviews, though. I could be wrong. I am certainly a member of other websites that do just about everything they can to "suggest" that we leave five star reviews, and that anything less would be detrimental to our reviewer status.

    That's just my $0.02, though.
  • Serious freaking question from a reviewer here:

    1. Okay. You don't want a review if it's under four stars. I get it. I'm a fairly compassionate person and I don't want to leave you a review under four stars. I don't want to hurt you.

    2. I'm willing to not leave a review if I can't justify at least four stars. What I am not willing to do is compromise my integrity by writing a positive review of a bad product.

    3. So: can I, without getting banned by AMZ, simply opt not to review bad products? If I click "report a problem" and write that the product is a total flop so I'm going to keep my mouth shut, will AMZ let that go?

    4. Let's say AMZ is okay with that practice. How do you keep bad reviewers from abusing it (using it as an excuse not to review anything), and how do you keep reviewers from being falsely accused of abusing it? Right now I have a record-breaking pile of problem products including one that's trying to catch fire, and sellers aren't answering their emails. I'd log in and "report a problem" with at least five of the 60 or so items awaiting a review from me. Would that raise a red flag? Hopefully I never wind up with such a big pile of bad stuff again, but....
  • Dabbie I see your point, it sounds like a fair trade-off for people who are reviewing and receiving products for a huge discount if all they have to do is leave a positive review. However, it’s disappointing when someone buys your product and it’s completely below their expectations, all because they’ve gone by the list of 5 star reviews, which may not always be a true reflection of the product.

    The thing with negative reviews is that people get so scared of them that they’ll do anything to hide or delete them whereas instead they can actually be great for feedback purposes (even if done privately) I remember coming across one, there were a few 4 and 5 star reviews and the seller had responded to each one. It was no different for the 1 and 2 star reviews too, he responded and investigated the issue and then again responded to the reviewer. It’s this sort of customer service that some people do actually notice and I really think it’s important to give fair feedback in order for sellers/businesses to improve or at least have the chance to respond to customers.
  • I agree nav - I reviewed a product yesterday that I initially couldn't figure out how to use. The listing itself didn't tell me how to use it, and I clicked on the one star reviews, all of which were from people who couldn't figure it out either. The seller had commened, in a very friendly and cheerful manner, on all of the one-stars with instructions on how to use it. That response ended up being the most accessible way to figure it out. I left a good review that included instructions - but the point is the seller response to the (very few) bad reviews made them genuinely helpful. They also showed the seller had good customer service and didn't get snippy about the poor reviews.
  • I agree with Most on these comments....

    I personally have left a few three star reviews on products I have purchased myself and products through a reviewing site, (this has hopefully stopped sellers with not so great products accepting my review request, which is a time saver for me.)
    As I don't enjoy giving negative feedback. Credit where it's due only.

    But If a product promised the world and more.
    But when you get this amazing product delivered, you find that it delivers absolutely nothing of the promises and is not worth the retail price.

    Regardless if that product was for free or for £500 if that product does not live up to over promised, far fetched descriptions etc... then that product is worth a low star rating.
    In my opinion.
    From any type of buyer.

    That's why I shop on Amazon and read reviews before I buy.
    To assist me, in making better buying choices. That's the whole point of reviews.

    I wouldn't 3 star a review due to me ordering it in the wrong size/colour as I have seen.
    But if a product is not up to par, then buyers have a right to know.
    Good or bad experience in reviews helps customers. Which in turn helps sellers who only sell great quality items at good prices.
  • I'm taken aback that a seller believes that reviewers should be banned for leaving three stars or less reviews. My credibility is on the line when I leave a review and if honest reviews drive away sellers looking to unload products that bad, it's a good thing you wish to skip me over.
  • Nicely Put Sarah. Nice to hear another person who has the same mindset as me and many others too. I agree 100% Sarah.
    From me testing products through this site, I have ended up spending money on good sellers products, other items that they sell in their shop at the normal retail prices.

    So we as reviewers are customers, just like anyone else buying on Amazon.
    And I should only give an honest and accurate review.
  • Let me have you guys try to look at it from a sellers perspective once again. We absolutely do NOT sell crap products, we sell awesome products at an awesome value. And I really do sympathize when someone gets a crap product.

    Here is the issue. As a merchant, doing these promos is fraught with danger. We don't know who we are giving our product to, we don't know if they will actually review it, and we don't know if a crook will end up selling it on ebay (yup. happened to us several times).

    That is coupled with the fact that we are giving away products for $1 that retail at minimum of $25, multiply that by the hundreds, and you start to see it from the seller perspective. We lost $9400 on our first promotion because we only took 90% of the necessary precautions instead of 100%. That's our fault, but it is also the fault of many unethical reviewers out there too. (New sellers: follow ALL of Amztracker's recommendations)

    NO ONE is asking anyone to leave a 5 star review if a product doesn't deserve it. That is totally unethical, wrong, against TOS and I don't have any tolerance for that. But the fact is, that maybe 1 out of 100 customers that buy at full price actually take the time to leave a review. A bunch of them may LOVE the product but they don't leave a review so no one knows.

    We get mostly great reviews for our products (we average about 4.8), but have gotten 1 and 2 star for nonsense and unfair reasons. It's like people that buy it cheap put no value on it. So they bang you with a 1-star and sell it on ebay because they didn't like the color or something ridiculous. These just kill your profile.

    Maybe you happen to be a decent person and a logical reviewer. There's a lot who aren't. Either way, the risk is on us, not on you.

    So when we are going through all of this risk to give you a $30 product for $1 to enjoy and review, all I am asking is to not hurt us. Be as constructive, helpful, contact us if there is a problem to see if we can help, and absolutely do NOT leave a dishonest or inaccurate review. Just be like 99% of Amazon customers and just don't leave one. That is not unethical, nor does it hurt your standing. you are not required by anyone to leave a review.

    You just have to understand the stratospheric costs, risks and efforts associated with sellers that bring you these promotions. Walk a mile in the sellers shoes. You may end up getting a few bum products, but at the end of the day, you took on no risk to get that product. All of the risk is on the seller.
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