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Can reviewers resell the products?

I notice today someone selling two of my products on ebay. I am the manufacturer and the owner of the brand. And I don't sell on Ebay. When I look at the profile I saw many products that are in amzreviewtrader website. The person is selling them for 10 dollars while the product cost 24 on Amazon and 25 on my own site. Is this a problem? I am asking because I am new to this.


  • They are not supposed to do that. It's made very clear in the rules.
  • Same happened t us. These reviewers are crooked and need to be banned. They completely undermine a process that is supposed to be based on trust, and devalues the product in the marketplace.
  • Hi i don't know if this is correct or not.. i'm a reviewer and i saw last weekend a person selling many products from review trader. for almost half a price.
    by the way it was a flea market
  • Nope. Not allowed. And we've been banning reviewers ALL THE TIME lately for this. So the number of resellers is rapidly decreasing :smile:
  • Here is a loser selling my product below.....and maybe your brand on Amazon.... Can't do nothing on Amazon except buy it back and leave a trash seller review. Ebay you can check into the VERO program. The best way on Amazon is to leave them 1 star seller feedback....losers.
  • so what would you do about this;

    i am the only seller of my branded product, yet lo and behold up pops a company called "Priority Sales Inc" selling my product for five bucks less. the only way they'd have gotten this product is to buy it at a huge discount in return for a fair review via AMZ.

    if its against the rules how can i get the listing removed/
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