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My review for the Review Club as a vendor w/ 2 months of statistics

Tommy NgTommy Ng
edited October 2015 in General
I have about 20 promotions running
the listings that are free receive > 50 requests a day (i did this a few times and i stopped because it is too crazy for me to keep giving out freebies)
the listings that are < $1 receive 8-10 request a day
the listings that are > $1 receive 2-3 request a day

~about 5% of time reviewer will email me saying "code does not work" and these are primarily because reviewer is trying to redeem it the 2nd time. ***GREEDY BASTARD*** and they cant read properly when i have "Code only work once per customer" in the description & note to reviewer.

FBA promotions get about 80% redemption rate

FBM gets about 30%.
reviewer does not read instruction (sometimes i do promos on FBM inventory because FBA is low or FBA fee is too much)

by far i've received about 8 reviews (some from the same reviewer) that just drop me a 1 star review
simply because the code somehow doesn't work for them *see attached image*
so reread, reread, and reread again! after u've set up a new promotion - make sure it is easy enough for a 10 year old kid to understand!

In conclusion-
amzreviewclub does brings in "sort of" natural reviews that people are actually paying something and leaving u a review
even if it is $.25 but it still looks good to amazon- rather then a bunch of freebies and they become reviews later on.


  • Report those 1 stars to Amazon. They will be removed as the person is not reviewing the product, but is in fact reviewing the promo code / review club. It can take a while but they should get removed.

    Also email support with as much detail as you have. Perhaps they can track them down. This recent trend of idiots leaving reviews like this is seriously damaging the whole process for everyone. Amazon is going to crack down on reviews if their review staff keep coming across these problems.
  • Are you just approving anyone for your reviews or taking 5 minutes to check their profiles?
  • null
    Yeah i approve review request based on the following criteria:
    Reviewer must have average 5 star rating
    Reviewer must have over 30 review
    But there's always those outliers that screw up this game
  • @Zeta Is right...if you check through the profiles, you'll be able to tell what reviewers are going to give you good, honest, thorough reviews.
  • have your keyword rankings improved?
  • I'd like to add to this and state that recently I have seen a significant decline in reviews from the products being sold (ie: three weeks ago I gave away 300 units and only received 50% reviewed and 12 days ago gave away 100 units and so far only 5 reviews). This is really expensive for small businesses like mine and reviewers getting products for $1 that cost me $10 and then not actually following through is hurting us. Please tighten the ropes on the reviewers following through.
  • Hi Allen, just sharing thoughts here, i apologize if any one feel offended by me.
    As a business perspective- our purpose to do this is to get reviews, specifically, five star reviews.... therefore our product rating is good which attracts more sales....
    honestly, what i'd love to see is:
    the five star and perhaps photos would be a good bonus.
    all theses come down to a point of rather the person will write the review or not...
    Generally a lot of people put "my review is unbiased and very honest bla bla bla" and drop a 1 or 2 star review ending up saying stuff that is very biased....
    for example "i dropped my phone on the floor and the screen protector cracked" - my first reaction was "WTF- i am going to slay this mofo".

    anyways... theres always these outliers that make this world rough to spin.
    But i guess you guys are right- i will check profiles and select "good reviewers" from now on
    thank you for your opinion!
  • edited October 2015
    @Tommy Ng I just want to say, and I might be wrong, that if you want good reviewers, honest reviewers, who are going to leave more than a one or two line review, they aren't going to have a perfect 5-star average. Even some of those who write 5-star reviews all the time, their gushing, glowing, "this is the best product EVER!!" reviews, sound fake. And your customers will see that, and may even be less inclined to buy your product because of it.

    What we're trying to say, as reviewers, is that if you check out the profiles first, you'll probably get results more in line with what you're looking for. And the reviewers that have the nice, well thought out and written reviews will likely contact you with any problems before they leave a review with less than 5 stars.

    If you look at my reviews, you'll see that yes, most of them are 5 stars, but the ones that aren't 5 stars have very clear (and justified) reasons for getting a lower rating. And before I give a lower rating, I go back and carefully read the product description and make sure I'm using the product correctly and not expecting it to do something it's not designed to do, and I contact the seller for advice. So you just need to look at the profiles before approving reviewers, rather than just look at the info that displays when someone applies for your promotion.

    One other experience I had recently...I got a code from a seller that didn't work. I had purchased a completely different, separate product from them recently (not one that was even in the same listing), but the way they had gotten their batch of codes, it wouldn't allow me to purchase a second product from that seller. We aren't all "greedy bastards," glitches happen sometimes. At least we care enough to ask for help :)
  • Why do you approve people who write 'The code doesn't work' as a review? Do you not check them out first before you approve them?
    I honestly don't know what you sell and haven't looked but your example about broken screen protector doesn't make any sense from the reviewers point of view. Sorry. Most screen protectors say they will protect from things like dropping phones or scratches from keys being in the same pocket with the phone. Check the description of your product if it does not protect from those things make sure you aren't making those promises in your descriptions.
    Only choosing people who exclusivly write 5 star reviews means you will only get reviewers who write one line, bad reviews. If people are actually testing products before they review, give honest reviews and AREN'T BREAKING SITE RULES OR AMAZON TOS then they will have a few that are less than 5 star. That's just how the world works. People are not happy with everything all of the time. If they say they are then they are lying.
    You have to look at the reviewers carefully and actually read more than the star count for the things they write. Find one of those 3 or 4 star reviews you are so afraid of and see if they had a valid point to write that. If what you are selling is good then you have nothing to worry about. Avoid all those bad reviewers who are angry because a code didn't work. It might take a little bit of work on your end, but that is much better than getting one of those people.
  • @Tina_Goff you are absolutely right - i m going to scan thru each reviewer from now on... learn the lesson the hard way.
    But it is really annoying when you give away something for free and pay additional fees and shipping - and get a 1 star review in return... sigh..... :o
  • @quirkybeeper its really hard to scan thru everyones profile when you offer something for free and within 3 hours you get 100 requests....and if you ask for a $.25 you'd get like 5 request a day...
    it seems like everyone are here for freebies...

    I also do reviews on amzreviewtrader too by the way, so i do know how reviewers feel!
    i really do spend time writing them and i take photos for products that i really love.

    When i use the amzreviewtrader what i do is look thru all the freebies first and request whatever i can possibly use and just keep going and going and going - because theres no limit on requests.... but my profile sucks and people never approve me for free stuff :(
    i totally understand how it feel!
  • Tina GoffTina Goff
    edited October 2015
    There are so many over priced items on AMZrt that people are scrambling for the things that are free. Those bad sellers are starting to effect the fair sellers around here. There are so many less products for reasonable review prices that everyone is trying to apply for the same few items.

    It's really important to read the reviews that people write before you approve them. Read one of their 5 star and one of their lower star to see if they had a fair point to give a low star review. There are a lot of scammers out there both on the review side and on the seller side.
    One idea to not get overwhelmed with the number of requests (and also not break your wallet if you are doing free promos) is to think of a set number of product you want to give out before you even list. Lets say 100 to be simple for example. Then when you post the promo, you can take your time and only choose 10 reviewers a day for 10 days. That way you only need to look for 10 good people a day, so that's easier for you, and when those good reviewers write their reviews for you they don't all post on the same days. The reviews will show up over a time that is more spread out.
    Products on amazon look strange to me as a buyer if the only reviews it has all came on the same day. Spacing a few every day will look much better when reviews come in on amazon.

    I've been applying for most of the free stuff for the last few days. I've been approved for about 4 items since Monday. Before I was being approved for 11 or more a week. The thing is, I have stopped applying for many things because they are way overpriced. I can see items that were $1 or Free a few weeks ago and sellers have upped the price to over $5-$10. I just don't apply for those. To me $5 is not the "New $1". After the best deals option was added it seems like people have been pricing low items closer to $5 more than ever. Also a lot of items that say free have shipping that puts the cost back up to the original price. Some people have been setting the 'Original Amazon Price' at close to $200 for products that are $20 retail and pretending that $15 is a good deal for us reviewers.

    I never give anyone a bad review for any of those things. I just don't apply! It's that simple. People will catch on that reviewers don't want over priced things. I've left reviews that are less than 5 stars, because the product was not worthy of 5 stars. But some people don't understand how stars work. 5 means GREAT, 4 means GOOD, 3 means OK. I will give 4 stars to a product if I would say out loud to someone "It's good but," then tell them something I didn't like or what wasn't working correctly. That's fair to me. If sellers can't handle fair reviews then they need to double check that they are selling good products as advertised at real prices (not upped prices) and with no hidden fees because if the reviewers have legitimate problem and reason for that review the the seller needs to address it, not run from it or be angry.
  • @Tommy Ng I've gone to look at your reviews and I recognize some products that were listed here and other places for discount in exchange for review. I don't know if you got those discounted products, or if you payed full price for those items, but if you did get the reviewers discount then you need to go back and edit those reviews to have 'I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review' it is a rule of Amazon that discount for review items must have this disclaimer. If you got a discount and don't put that in your review of the product you could be banned from amazon.
  • edited October 2015
    @Tommy Ng I personally look for freebies or items under $1 because I'm a full-time student, and I don't have a job. I've been approved for probably 40 promotions since I've been a member here, and if I spent $5 for each item, that would be $200. The only way I can do this is to choose the cheaper options.

    Also what @Tina_Goff said, there are too many overpriced items on here. There are products on here that I could buy for much less if I were to just drive down to Walmart/Target/the mall and pick them up myself. Like a $10 tank top that I can pick up for $3, or make myself for $1? It just doesn't make sense financially. There are I'm in the market for a new case for my Kindle. On my own, I'd budget around $15. So if I could find one here for $15 or less, I'd jump on that offer because it's good for me AND it's good for the seller.
  • @Tommy Ng I just want to reiterate what @Tina_Goff wrote--many of your reviews are not in compliance. Even when you say you got a discount, you are not using language that would easily distinguish. "Reviewed for discount" is way too vague. That's the type of reviewing that is going to tick off Amazon.
  • Tommy Ng said:

    I also do reviews on amzreviewtrader too by the way, so i do know how reviewers feel!
    i really do spend time writing them and i take photos for products that i really love.

    This is hilarious. You post on here saying you only take 5 star reviewers but you value honesty, which makes no sense. Then you write in your profile that you are a positive reviewer - fake. Then your personal rating of items is LOW, most of your items are not 5 star. You are very critical of other review items whilst complaining that people are critical of yours. You don't even adhere to amazons rules, you don't put disclaimers! Your grammar is terrible and you clearly don't spend any time proof reading them. Sorry if I'm sounding negative but I find it funny when people are clearly hypocritical.

  • Yeah, @Tommy Ng, your average star rating is a 3.76...and you have several one-liners. Interesting items you reviewed considering what you mention selling, too...
  • @Christy i have to admit i have double standard - as a vendor i want whats best for my company.
    But as a reviewer I never give out any 1 or 2 stars for anything that i received with discounted prices- although they are shitty made in china stuff, i still give it a 3 star thats the minimum for the discount.
  • @Allen_H maybe thats the reason why i rarely get approved LOL
  • @Tina_Goff My latest 10 reviews are all discounted items... these are whatever i got ever since i started using AMZreviewtrader. And i stopped requesting for stuff because people look at my profile and think that i am a shitty reviewer and never approves me request....
    why bother requesting when nobody ever approves you lol...

    I started off as a reviewer in here, then later started to do promotions for my business....
  • @Tommy Ng To put it bluntly...your "double standard" isn't good, at all. You say you want 5-star reviews because it is "what's best for your company." Has it occurred to you that when you don't leave decent reviews for a product, you're potentially harming someone else's business? Did you contact those sellers for assistance before leaving a negative review?

    "And i stopped requesting for stuff because people look at my profile and think that i am a shitty reviewer and never approves me request...."
    "i really do spend time writing them and i take photos for products that i really love."
    To me, most of your reviews are pretty short, not well written, and not very descriptive. Yes, you list pros and cons, but that's about it. And you must not like very many products, because there are only a handful of reviews where you've actually posted photos.
  • @quirkybeeper - why are photos so important? Do we think that people may not know how what a protein protein shake or an ice cube looks like? Are selfie sticks not completely self explanatory? Is a compression sleeve not a compression sleeve not a compression sleeve? The seller includes pics so personally I think with 95% of the items listed thru here, photos are redundant and add nothing to the conversation. The only time I have an urge to take a pic is when an item is horrible or in no way matches the sellers description.
  • I don't think quirkybeeper really cared about photos Fenix, it's just that what the OP said doesn't match up to what is actually there when you go and view his profile.
  • edited October 2015
    @Fenix - I personally don't care about photos, but:
    Tommy Ng said:

    honestly, what i'd love to see is:
    the five star and perhaps photos would be a good bonus.

    Heck, if none of the sellers wanted photos, that would make my life a lot easier and cut my review time in half (or more). But Tommy Ng shouldn't say they want photos from reviewers, then only post photos on just over 1/4 of their reviews.
  • @quirkybeeper - well, I think we can both agree that tommy is not someone we find many points to agree with on. ;)
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