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How to catch up to competitors that have a lot of reviews?

I know using something like feedback genius will help but starting from scratch going up against products with 50 to 300 reviews puts you at a major disadvantage.

Has anyone used services to buy reviews. I've seen them out there but don't know how risky they are. Ultimately you want the product to stand on its own merits but need something to give it a little juice/boost at the beginning.

Any thoughts/recommendations?


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    I've used and run a product review and product giveaway for competitions that the bloggers run on their own site. I got some great reviews and some great review content on the web = all SEO stuff outside amazon.

    There is some other sites that do offer give aways for their members. Just protect your inventory when you use this option. Also the right facebook campaign with offering your product at cost (not $1, but you can use it if you like), with super URL + follow up customer service should also do the trick.

    Hope this help.

  • Interesting. Yes that helps. A blog outreach strategy was definitely in our plan but I hadn't looked into tools like this yet. Thanks for sharing!
  • amznewbieamznewbie
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    Yup, use tomoson and amazon top reviewers for your initial push for social proof.

    Getting reviews from customers is a real pain. People just don't bother to leave one, no matter how many follow up emails you send. I used feedback genius too. Have 3 follow up emails, but the percentage of customers leaving feedbacks or reviews is very low, only around 30-40 from about 400 orders, so less than 10%. Is this normal? How do you guys increase the reply percentage of your customers? Any strategy?
  • I have a product that we've probably sold close to 10,000 units over the last 3 years and we only have like 80 reviews but we just recently started using feedback genius a few days ago. I'm hoping it will improve.

    Seems like reviews are a real pain. I swear some competitors that have hundreds of reviews are just buying them from one of the services out there. You can even buy verified purchased reviews. Can't decide if I want to go that route or not though.
  • amznewbieamznewbie
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    I can 99% say that most of those reviews that we saw on top sellers are bought. Truth is REAL customers don't bother to leave reviews or feedbacks. It's a fact.

    And you really can't keep pestering customers to provide you a review or feedback. I have seen people with 4 follow up emails (and that should be the max). I personally use only 3, one when the order is shipped, another about 5-7 days later following up if there are any issues with the product and ask for a feedback. And the last one about 10-15 days later asking again if there are any issues and a feedback. That's all. If the customer don't bother with it, then we can't really do much..
  • Everyone is buying reviews/ feedbacks.. Everyone knows, only Amazon pretends not to know.. lol
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    Hey Guys,
    I don't want to let the cat out of the bag too much here, but AMZ Tracker is about to have a solution for you in a couple of days :)


    EDIT: Here is the awesome new feature I was referring to:

    discussion found here:
  • Well then :)
  • would love to hear
  • Looks like I've stumbled upon the right thread. Been trying to figure out a review strategy. I too am going to sign up for Feedback Genius. But I'm interested to hear what Travis has up his sleeve before I pull the trigger.
  • I have some success with feedback genius but it is low. I will try out now... yeah I was told to stay away from buying reviews... Don't want to risk losing the account... Curious to know who's doing that here and sites and your success with buying reviews. I use something similar to tomoson and it works out great
  • @Travis when can we expect this new feature? :smiley:
    Can't wait to see and try it out!
  • yes that sounds great!
  • What I did is that I gave away a bunch of products for $0.99 in exchange for reviews.
    My coupon code got shared & it went viral. 500 orders within 2 hours.

    Since a lot of people used the Super URL from AMZ Tracker to buy the product, it helped my rankings a lot and it's still #1-4 for some keywords.

    In combination with Feedbackgenius I got 50+ reviews, but a couple of days ago I realised AMZ deleted more than half of the reviews because they didn't mention that they received a discount.

    I'm also looking forward to the new feature.
  • Hey Luke. Nice job. Where did you promote your coupon code?
  • Hey @Travis_Jamison, any word on the new review feature? Would love to put it to work...
  • Should be any time now.
    There were a couple of small tech things that we ended up needing to work out first (we don't want any bugs now do we?). After that we should be able to launch really soon.
  • kenekekeneke
    edited November 2015
    hey @Luke, regarding your comment about AMZ removing reviews because the reviewers didn't mention they received a discount... i thought they had to reveal that they got it for free. some people suggested selling the product for $1.99 or higher.

    did you promote your coupon via facebook? or did you use a service like ZonBlast or Amazing Deals?
  • AMZTrackerAMZTracker admin
    edited March 2015
    We have officially launched our solution to this issue.

    Introducing the new Amazon Review Club
  • Cool..
  • We've used FeedbackFive...actually worked very well but we work on volume. Feedback is typically at 10% of sales on amazon. Ebay is closer to 50% (we sell on both).

    We are just now starting to build our own brand...typically a reseller. I hope I'm in the right place for brand building on Amazon. We plan on FBAing everything
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