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Product title - Does AMZ Tracker assume one size fits all?

I have been using AMZ Tracker for 7 days and will be happily staying with it.
My only question at the moment is when I use the On Page Analyzer on someone's product and I look at the Product Title, they get a green tick because AMZ Tracker's criteria is less than 200 characters.
Amazon in the product catagory I am looking allows you only 80 characters for the title. Those I have looked at have more than 80 characters and AMZ Tracker is okaying not flagging them with a red cross. Should it not post a message like, "This catagory only allows 80 characters. Keep to that number."

Another catagory I looked at, Amazon's rules give you 250 characters and AMZ Tracker is okaying a tracked product when it has less than 200. Shouldn't AMZ Tracker flag it and say 'Hey, add more keywords. Amazon lets you have 250 characters'
Is AMZ Tracker playing safe?

Kind regards


  • It's okay. Support has answered the question I sent a week ago. If anyone is interested in the answer they gave, it's here:

    "Leanne replied
    Oct 29, 5:40am
    Hi Ian,

    Sorry for the delayed response. I was just clarifying some details with the team here.

    For most categories the character length is 200, so in order to appeal to the broader audience we used this more generalized count.
    Amazon over the last has changed this many times and it was once 500 characters.

    This is the first time I am hearing of a category being so low with only 80 characters.
    If that is what they have advised you in the style guideline for your category then I would optimize as per their details.


    Great replay and thank Support :-)
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