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Products disappearing off my review list after I purchase and I then can not get credit for review.

Today, a trex I purchased and got reviewed quickly disappeared off my list of items. I have done review,but never had a chance to mark it as done. I have noticed this with several items. Any idea why this is?
Also, Can you please put in a way for reviewers to get rid of codes that have expired or If i read other reviews and see a high priced product has a lot of issues. I may decide not to spend my money on it. I need a way of getting rid of that then as well. I am pretty new here so if there is already a way then please tell me. Thanks,lisa


  • You can report a problem and then after 3 days hide the item.
  • Also I always try and find the item on amazon before I request it. That way you can check to see if the seller has been honest about shipping costs and also like you say the other reviews. It will save wasting your time making the request and the sellers time having to create a code expecting you to review it.
  • thank you
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