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Just promoted my first product and have questions

Just promoted and shipped my first product. All have been delivered. Of the 15 purchasers, only 3 have left reviews so far.

Generally, what percentage of people who accept your offer write a review? I thought it was supposed to be 100% or close to it.
What is the appropriate time to wait for a review?
Is there a way to find out who redeemed them within the AMZ tracker tool, and then contact them to make sure they follow up with a review (obviously not through Amazon itself).
Is there any way to leave feedback for our reviewers - like make it known that whomever activated our offer and didn't leave a review?

If this is answered somewhere else, please point me to that resource.



  • Yo! Dan from AMZT here. Most of our sellers see about a 70-80% review rate (like Charlie) as long as they're somewhat selective in choosing reviewers to send codes to. I recommend checking out a post we have in our help center that gives you strategies for making sure your review rate is tops:

    In terms of how long you should be waiting for a review, we generally give reviewers about 3 weeks. When you allow a few days to purchase after receiving a code, a few days for shipping (not everyone has Prime), and about 10 days to test the product, 3 weeks seems about right. And we automatically send multiple reminder emails throughout. A few more details here:

    And right now there's no way to contact reviewers unless they email you directly, but we take care of reminder emails for you and automatically flag reviewers who don't follow through on reviews. The new changes we just made to the review club are especially aggressive with preventing reviewers from requesting more products until they've followed through with their uncompleted reviews.

    Feel free to PM me with any other questions! Or you can ask here. Or just dig into the help center. Dealer's choice!
  • Speaking as a reviewer here I won't post a review until I've actually had time to use a product. It depends on the item how long I take to review an item. If the item is something like weight loss pills or something that claims to make a physiological or psychological change I will give it a fair while. Because as a regular amazon buyer (not through reviewing) I would not review an item until I had properly used it. I think it's unfair on other sellers and would be giving them a false view of the product. And with other products I will still give it time too, so I can see not just how well the item fulfils it's purpose but if it is durable as well.

    For example, I had a seller request I review a sports watch within 5 days. If I had reviewed that watch within 5 days I would have given 5*. But after using it for 2 weeks the watch has since stopped working and I discovered some of the functions were inaccurate and this is something experience by many other buyers of the item. So I'm not going to give it 5* at all. I get what you mean about wanting reviewers to post sooner though, so perhaps Amz could add a "nudge" button so you can notify reviewers after a set period of time (like every 2 weeks to prevent abuse of the function).
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