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Keyword ranking issues?

Hi guys,

Is there an issue with keywords tracking? I reset several listings yesterday with matching keywords and when I looked at the ranking graph for one today (see attached image) the graph contradicted the data! I can see the keyword rank as 9, with a +2 variation but the graph is showing a decline from 9 to 11!!!!

However, the rank for a different keyword shows as I would expect - a rank number, a positive change and a graph that matches the rank and variation.

I use this data daily to manage my listing keywords so am reliant on these figures being accurate but am now concerned that it may be inaccurate....

I'd be very grateful if someone could please help me out with this!

Many thanks in advance,



  • I'm no expert on the software mate, but I would expect to see some variations depending on what's happening at the Amazon end. They update their rankings every hour or so inline with sales rank, so this will affect your keyword ranking.

    I have never found a software to be accurate 100% of the time, it would take far to much in the way of resources and likely IP's would be blocked as there would have to be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of query requests sent every min, meaning that these could be flagged as malicious attacks.

    I have used lots of software for Google SEO, SEM Rush, Rank Tracker, SEO Samurai using location specific proxies and I've still found nothing to be 100%.

    Also, I wouldn't worry about a drop of 2 places, I would be more concerned about a large drop on lots of keywords. You'll likely find that you'll get back up there.

    If you find that it converts well, add the keyword to a sponsored campaign with a high bid on the KW, and make sure the match type is exact. Over, focus heavily on generating organic reviews using review software with a highly customised message regarding the product and you'll find that you're rank will improve.

    Because it's such a low volume KW you shouldn't find it to difficult to rank for.



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