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Buyer Reselling on Ebay over 400 products! - Check for yours

Please check ebay for your products!

On a product that I ship from my office, I noticed the same name and address come across my desk 4 times that had a promo code from AMZtracker. I looked her up on Facebook and she said she is an Ebay seller... so I check ebay and there was my product for $10 less than I sell it to the public. I created this brand and am the only seller of it anywhere so I knew it was her. I checked out her page and she has over 400 products listed many I have seen on AMZ Tracker. I wanted to alert you all of this person taking advantage of the AMZ review community.

Check here to see if your product is listed.

If you see any of these names listed as a purchaser of your product she is taking advantage of you too!

Jenifer Ratcliffe, Jennifer Nichols, Andrew Nichols and maybe other names. I have seen these addresses linked to her orders

330 N. Fair St. Olney, IL 62450

It's hard to prevent her from getting codes because she has so many AMZ review trader accounts. I wanted to let you all know about this going on so we can all protect the businesses and brands we are working hard to build.


  • **UPDATE**

    I reported this buyer to AMZ TRACKER. They have responded by banning this person from the reviews. Thank you AMZ TRACKER!
  • Wow our products are on it. Crazy

    They sold over 15 of the same product that we have. How are they able to purchase over 15?!?

    There is a limit of 1 only.
  • I think they have multiple amazon accounts and multiple AMZ Tracker accounts. Sorry to hear you were also scammed.
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