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How To Rank For Keywords With The New Changes?

Hi Everyone,
I would love some insight on this please.
With the new changes on Amz Tracker, with limited comment space, and the link to the reviewers, and no Super URL's, how are we supposed to rank for a keyword? Just giving away for reviews with a regular link wont rank you for any specific keyword. Waiting to rank naturally with PPC is a very long, way and a lot of times not successful.
Any thoughts on this?
Thank You guys.


  • It is much harder now. I use amztracker for launching a new product and then promote to my list for targeted rankings. I see a lot of people say use PPC to rank but I am in the supplement market and this is very expensive to do it that way.
  • @fbaseller1 Could you explain what you mean when you say promote to your list for targeted rankings?
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