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Anyone else getting refund from review club?

I've got 2 refunds from the review club. I know it's from there because I've been tracking my coupons. I've got over 50 real purchases and not one of them asked for a refund.

Is anyone else seeing this? Can you kick these guys out of the review club to prevent this happening to other sellers?


  • I haven't seen this at all. If you forward us their details we can nuke them if it's really happening.
  • I've had this happen too, just today! Strange too as it was from a customer who was in touch with me (I had Amazon listing issues, so they had to wait for a day until they were sorted before ordering).

    They seemed really nice and excited to try the product, then today I get a request for a refund as it arrived 'smashed'. No request for a replacement....

    So I refunded the $1. I'm interested to see if I hear from them about requesting another code so they can get the product they were so excited to receive... if not, I will remain suspicious.
  • Ah, and just noticed the same person has just left a review for the product? How did they use it when it arrived smashed? So weird..... it was a good review, so I suppose they just ended up getting product for free instead of $1 but I really do not understand this at all. Ugh.
  • Sounds like we should nuke them. Please forward over their Amazon profile.
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