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Review Club Question

Loving Review Club!

Quick Question: Let's say you added 150 promo codes and have sent out all of them to reviewers over the last couple of days. Is the best strategy to add more single use codes to the current promotion OR to turn off that promotion and add a new one. If you add more codes to the current promotion, then does it send new emails to reviewers? Just trying to get a better understanding here for driving daily reviews of the same products.

Thank you!


  • ErikErik admin
    Hey there @Chase Carlisle , glad you are liking the review club.
    So if you have sent out all your codes, you can just paste in a list of more codes to that products review club setup page. Add them in right where the other ones were and click save.

    It is just like refilling the list.

    Then make sure the expiration date is still ok and you will start getting more applicants and then can begin choosing and sending codes again.

    Hope this helps
  • Amazing! Thanks so much!
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