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Custom Follow up Emails

Hi Everyone,

I was curious if anyone knows how to create and send the custom emails to customers after they place an order? I consistently get emails from other sellers with my name on them thanking me for my order, a few special offers and a link pointing to where to review the product. I think it might be an automated system. Is anyone using something similar, that can offer some advice on how to set this up?

Thanks in advance!


  • Yo @ddj1985 these follow up tools are golden.

    Check out Feedback Five and Feedback Genius. I use them, and you definitely should too!
  • I user Feedback Genius - love it.
    Inventory Lab is helpful with profitability calculations... but I am looking for something more of a professional accounting solution to keep track of profitability and inventory... @Travis_Jamison and @Erik - any suggestions?

    I tried several solutions, but none are doing everything that I need. Anyone tried the higher end solutions like Channel Advisor or Taika Metrics? Stitch Labs sounded good, but did not work out in the end... was almost good... not good enough...
  • @Travis_Jamison I am using Inventory Lab right now... but it is not a complete inventory solution... a complete inventory solution would be an accounting software like QuickBooks, Inventory Lab does not offer automated advice on re-odering products... things like counting warehouse stock + FBA stock seems complicated... I like it only for seeing net monthly profit reports and ROI on different prouducts, which helps make clear-headed decisions on investing money into inventory. So I am looking for something more complete... I do not mind paying more money, but it would be nice to have an all-in-one suite solution for inventory, profitability and accounting... better charts for each ASIN... I like AMZ Tracker for actually tracking my own sales after a marketing campaign... helps visualize results... but e.g. you do a 100 unit giveaway promo and still do regular sales and the promo screws up the results... especially that it could be that 100 codes go out and 80 are used... the data becomes dirty... would be nice to drop a pin of a sort on the charts to track a specific event...

    I also tried RestockPro for inventory prior to this... does better for inventory order management, but not for accounting, charts or profitability, so I stopped using it.

    Btw, I tried to get your report you offered the new lady who wants to get into Amazon sales, but it did not come in... yes, I am not new, but would not mind reading over this, as you seem to know your stuff...
  • @constantine
    Hey Man,
    Sounds like there is a need for this in the Amazon space. I've talked to my cofounder a bit about creating something better with some of what you're referring to, but it's a daunting task. Have you ever thought about making it yourself?

    The best products are those that solve your own problem. That's why AMZ Tracker is so great, because we designed it for exactly what I needed myself. You could perhaps create something amazing if you wanted to dive into the software biz by scratching your own itch.

    Also as for the course, it's our "Amazon SEO Crash Course" (PDF + email series) that you can also sign up for on the homepage. So if you already signed up then you probably wouldn't get it again.

  • I had created some software solution before, but I must say what you have here is better... You figure just hire and API/AWS developer crew and pay my way through it? I am have above average computer expertise, but I am not a software developer... I think a smarter way to do this is to partner up with a software partner or a team...

    There are plugins for this for Quckbooks and Xero (leading accounting programs), but nothing that does everything. The deciding point here is marketing. The reason to do FBA is to have a semi-automated business... time... freedom... independance... as soon as I develop a software solution, I need to worry about customer service, marketing, support... I am not sure I want to get into that... and the cost of deverlopment and marketing are a lot more than I would pay someone else monthly as an end user...

    How long and how hard was your journey @Travis_Jamison from "I have an idea" to customers, cashflow and profitability on this project?

    I normally say "Cheers", but you beat me to it :smiley:
  • nevetsnevets
    edited June 2015
    @Travis_Jamison and @constantine I have been looking into this need as well.

    Most professional sellers need a better dashboard from amazon's data. Right now as I see it you have private label sellers with small sku counts, or large sellers with significant sku counts (1000+) so the tools are all over the board. Manage campaigns vs inventory optimization.

    @Travis_Jamison we spoke briefly at SCOE. During the show I had dinner with some large amazon sellers who are trying to build systems as well. There is a gap in tracking marketing/product launch campaigns with finances.

    I built and order summary database tool to ingest all your amz orders and see who bought by discount, repeat purchases, etc. The data from Amazon is the liability - they do not always deliver it in a standard format.

    I am an experienced software entrepreneur if you two would like to riff on the tool you both are discussing I would like to keep the conversation going.

    To all our success,
    Steven Wagner
    Steven Wagner
  • @Travis_Jamison do you have a preference between Feedback Five and Feedback Genius? Which one do you use or do you use both? It seems that Feedback Five is slightly cheaper. Are there any significant differences between the two?
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