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Competitor Ranking for a keyword that is no where to be found on their page

edited June 2015 in Amazon SEO
Sorry if this is a n00b question I come from google SEO background and still new to Amazon SEO.

Competitor is ranking for the keyword(s) but the exact match or even phrase match is no where to be found on their amazon product page. Their ratings and reviews aren't that much better than ours but I have seen they are running Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Could it be it? I know Super URLs are also big factor so could that be another factor? (other than back-end search terms?)

I am really trying to wrap my head around this one. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited June 2015
    "(other than back-end search terms?)"
    99% sure it's because of the backend Search Terms when you edit a product. I've added keywords here that aren't on my page and gone from nowhere to page 1 overnight for a competitors brand name with ~10,000 search volume.

    Here's a good article from MOZ on Amazon ranking factors
    Cliffs on the search terms field:
    There are five fields that accept 50 characters each.
    You do not need to repeat any words
    Commas will be ignored
    Quotation marks will unnecessarily limit your keyword
    Including multiple variations of the same word is unnecessary
    Including common misspellings is unnecessary
    Order of the search terms may matter
    Do include synonyms or spelling variations (e.g. include sun screen and sunscreen)

  • Thank you. I am changing the back-end search temrs slowly an see if that changes. I also know there is some blackhat stuff going on with Amazon I was wondering if that was it. Thanks for the article too.

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