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Understanding the Amazon search terms field in the seller backend

edited November 2015 in General

In the amazon search terms filed, can we add multiple keywords in each text field or should I add just one keyword in each text field?


  • Hey @nbagri
    The best keywords are the ones that describe your product. Are you selling blue shirts? Then try and target blue shirts.

    This thread can probably help you out with some tools to make it all easier.

    As for the Amazon search terms, You can add multiple keywords in each text box. Good question.

  • Hi @Travis_Jamison,

    Thanks for the reply. As you mentioned that we can add multiple keywords in each text field. How can this be done?

    e.g. If I need to add earrings for women, fashion jewelry and accessories in the search term then do I add the terms

    - earrings for women,fashion jewelry,accessories
    - earrings for women fashion jewelry accessories

    With spacing my doubt is amazon may treat the entire string as one keyword. But I have read amazon pages where they say not to use punctuation. Hence I am a little confused.

    Please clarify. Thanks in advance.
  • Hey @nbagri
    Here are the "rules" to go by.

    1) whenever possible use the exact phrase.

    2) When not possible, use the keywords somewhere in a different order

    3) The order of the key-phrases used may influence the rankings.

    4) Don't use punctuation.

    5) Example of what could work:
    for girls case 6 iPhone blue best thin

    6) Example of a better way to organize it:
    best blue thin iphone 6 case for girls

    Make sense? I'm putting it in the order that is more likely to be naturally typed out. But when it's not possible you should still include the keywords somewhere as it still helps.
  • Thanks @Travis_Jamison. Now I have some clarity on the whole thing.
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